Camp Literacy Live

Teaching Literacy at Camp

Camp Literacy Live is a unique and intensive program of Oldham County Schools, designed for incoming first graders who have been unable to keep up with their peers in the areas of reading, writing and literacy.


This four week summer program brings together literacy experts from across the state of Kentucky, arranges students into “cabins” (ie: classrooms!), and designs lessons to teach in the ways these kiddos can understand.

  • This small cabin setting, combined with learning alongside students similar to them, sharing meals and playtime together, benefits the students in several key ways. 
  • Meals provide nutrition, focus and meaningful relationships with their teachers and classmates, something they may not have had in school previously if they were feeling different or behind. 
  • Being in a cabin with students similar to them brings confidence, eliminates judgement and gives the students the mental capacity that they can do it! 

Camp Literacy Live’s morning sessions include individual and small group instruction, and afternoon sessions provide hands-on science activities with the Kentucky Science Center.

Available to all students in the district, Camp is located at La Grange Elementary and began in 2014. The Oldham County Educational Foundation and Metro United Way help make this critical learning camp possible. Without support from the community, this intervention would not be possible.

If you’d like to be a part of funding this program, please reach out and we can describe the different need areas, and investment opportunities!

“I would like to thank you all for giving my son the opportunity to participate in this program. He was struggling with phonics and sounds. He has greatly improved over these four weeks. You have given him confidence.”


“My son was able to retain what he struggled to learn in kindergarten and then build upon it.”
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